I’m Just Quirky That Way

So I have a problem.

It is a major problem.

I have an obsession with office supplies.

More specifically, planners.

I mean it is not that bad of an obsession. I do need help with organzing things so I can prioritize what needs to be done and when. However….within the last month, I have bought five different planners. Don’t ask why because I do not even know myself 🤷‍♀️. It could be the cover design or the layout inside or maybe the come with stickers. Don’t judge, we all have a weakness for awesome stickers. However, recently, things have taken a turn for the worst.

I discovered a website (by seeing it on my friend’s laptop when she was next to me. Yes, I am snoopy that way :D). It is a website fully dedicated to planners. They do have some things that are not planner related such as mugs and tumblers which I also have a strong urge to buy. The stuff sold on this website is like a gift from above to planner nerds like me. There are a huge variety of sticker packs. Seasonal, school, teacher, mom life, fitness, wellness, fabulousness, finance. I could go on and on. Aside from sticker packs, there are insert pages. These can be meal planning to to-do lists or even a budget tracker.

So, I am just going to drop the link 👇below👇
The Happy Planner
And you can go check it out for yourself and come to the dark side 😁

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Check In – Week Two

Good Morning my dearies!!

First off, I can’t believe it is almost November! Where has this year gone?! I started this journey almost a year ago. There have been many ups and downs, setbacks, and plateaus. But looking at pictures of me a year ago, I can see the difference.



This past week I have kicked it up into high gear for my fitness journey. Now, to clarify, high gear to me is probably amateur hour for the die hard gym rats but hey, to each his own right. I still have my gym buddy who is also a fellow Wisco Girl. This past month we have both have not been the greatest at getting to the gym or eating right. Life happens okay. Sometimes you just need to sit and binge watch shows on Hulu or Netflix with a ton of tacos and possibly ice cream :).

So, goal time. What are my goals for this coming week?

  • Run 2 miles
  • Develop a weight routine
  • Lose 2 lbs
  • Get to the gym at least 4 times a week

I also have discovered an app called Tasty. Best thing ever! It has so many recipes and a large variety of each kind. All of my saved recipes vary from Japanese, Caribbean, Greek, and American. There are also diet filters, such as healthy, vegan, vegetarian, and best one yet, kid-friendly. It is also paired with Wal-Mart grocery pick up so its super easy to get all the ingredients in your cart without having to wander the store searching.

So hopefully with this app and my new goals, I can see some more progress towards my end goal!

XOXO, Kelly

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Fitness Restart: Week One

Hello my dearies,

…Okay. Uh so I missed last week 😅. No point in saying I just forgot to post about it when the truth is I didn’t even go. There are many excuses I could give such as my last two semesters of college are beginning and I have been distracted by that or that my daughter is starting kindergarten after Labor Day or even that I am trying to transition to a different job. BUT, I am only hurting myself because they are just excuses. There are people who are going through hell but still commit to things if they really want change. So with that in mind, I really put my mind to getting out of bed when my alarm goes off and get to the gym. Change will not happen unless I make it. There is one day of workouts that I missed but it is still a step in the right direction.

This week was more focused on cardio. There were two days that had ab and booty workouts but it was not my main focus. The big reason: my running form is not the greatest. In high school, I was on the track team and before we even started tracking times or practicing relays, the coaches made sure we all had the proper running form. And on Monday, as soon as I got off the treadmill, I knew my form needed work. Basically, back to the building blocks.

Alright, so, this coming week, what are my plans? Well, as I sit here typing, I keep looking at my legs and think ‘I need to start toning’. I shall take that as a sign and map out a routine for toning up my lower body as well as continue with cardio. Time to git er’ done! 🏋️‍♀️👍

XOXO, Kelly

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Sweet Home Alabama

Hello dearies,

Earlier this month, I took a vacation with my family down to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Greatest trip I have taken in a while! Not only was the condo we rented right on the beach but the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Yes, we went over the 4thof July and most people would be like ‘why did you do that? It is so hot at that time.’ First off, were you present for any of Wisconsin’s spring weather? It was Mother Nature’s version of whiplash. One day, beautiful and sunny and warm, the next, BAM….. snow. So no, I did not find it hot. It was glorious!

The place we rented was actually owned by a fellow Wisconsinite which I thought was pretty cool. Island Royale, room 406. If we had a problem, the owner contacted the managing staff or maintenance staff right away and always kept in contact until the issue was resolved. The condo was a great size and the view was also AMAZING! Not to mention, they had an indoor/outdoor pool which my daughter took full advantage of.

As far as activities, we mostly just relaxed right on the beach or poolside. There were banana boat rides, parasailing, and plenty of other activities. But my favorite one is people watching. Nothing can beat that. When we were not relaxing, we went out to eat a few times. First place was The Shrimp Basket. My dad and I both tried the banana colada that they had for a special that night. So yummy!!!! Both times, the food we ordered was great! So any shrimp or burgers are yummy! The second place we dined was called the Sunliner Diner. Literally right across the street from Shrimp Basket (we don’t venture that far haha). It was good, the service was friendly but my favorite part of the whole meal was the dessert! 

Aside from the day life there, at night it is so peaceful, even more relaxing than the day. There were a lot of people out walking on the beach with flashlights or fishing but just hearing the waves crash against the shore and being able to look up at the sky and see the stars… it is a moment of total peace. Nothing can bother you and all the tension just leaves your body. I would spend every night out on the beach, sitting on the lounge chairs that were placed there for the people of the building to use during the day, and just stay there for hours. And if I was not on the beach, I was on the porch, staring out over the beach. I did fall asleep a few times on the porch but my daughter would come and wake me up before she went to bed. 

I would go back in a heartbeat and I am already thinking about making that trip last for two weeks instead of one. But then I would have less time available to take trips with my awesome friends so I will have to settle for just one week of beach paradise.

XOXO, Kelly