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Check In – Week Three & Four

Hello Hello Dearies!

It is reflection time on week three and four (I will be doing reflections every two weeks). What went well? What didn’t? Motivation tactics and routines. To say the least, there was a lot of trial and error.

Goal #1. This was accomplished at the end of week four. Still died but I did it haha. I have no intention of increasing the distance goal until I can still breath when I hit the two mile mark. I recieve numerous looks like people are expecting me to pass out which I think is ridiculous because there is noooo way I breathe that hard. Anyways, two miles is still the goal along with not dying.

Goal #2. At first I tried creating my own routine but that failed pretty quick because I honestly have no idea what weight lifting routines help what body parts. So, after that realization, I paid attention to what other people were doing. Again, not the greatest idea. I do not recommend it because they have probably been lifting longer than I have been working out and don’t let the ‘I can modify it’ thought fool you either. Finally, after looking like a fool for about three days, I asked the trainer at the gym for some tips. Highly intimidating but I will not complain on watching him demonstrate the exercise 😁. But all that aside, I now have a weight lifting routine I actually love. I never thought I’d say those words!!

Goal #3. (Fist pump) CRUSHED IT! Seven pounds! How? No idea. I still stuffed my face full of food because some things will never change but with the addition of a weight routine, that may have something to do with it. Honestly, I wish I could tell you.

Goal #4. Ummmmm, nobody’s perfect 😅. Week three, I only went to the gym twice and Week Four was just as bad. So for both weeks, a I was able to get to the gym a mindblown number of six times. So, it’s a work in progress.

Alright, so for the next two weeks. Here’s what I am aiming to accomplish.

  • Not die after running two miles
  • Get to the gym at least ten times
  • Lose five pounds
  • Try a new activity (non-gym related)

XOXO, Kelly