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Hello my dears!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog. This is one of three that I have but the difference between those two and this one is that I am the only author here. The other two I collaborate on with two lovely ladies. Feel free to follow the highlighted text below to either blog and check out some of the amazing content we have posted there.

Wisco Girl Curves – The Mother Blog

Wisco Girl Trails – Outdoor Fun and Food Blog

As for this blog, it is following my fitness journey as well as navigating through life. If you have read my bio, you already know that I have a daughter and I started motherhood in my senior year of high school. It has not been easy and I am still working hard to get my degree while providing the best life I can for my mini me (yes, she looks like me and unfortunately, inherited the sass as well 🙄💁‍♀).

As far as fitness updates, it will include outdoor adventures as well because posts that only feature what was done in the gym start to become repetitive really quick. So I will write about any and all activities that I do for exercise, gym and outdoors.

As I post about life happenings and events, I would love to hear for you all for any input because let’s face it, we all sometimes have no idea what to do next or how to move forward. The same goes for fitness posts. The more you share, the more fun things can be 😁! I can’t wait to start this journey with you all!

XOXO, Kelly


25-year-old​ mama of a beautiful and sassy little girl. I love being outdoors, especially during the warm months for I can go camping, hiking, biking, and my favorite thing of all, horseback riding. Besides outdoor activities, books and writing are also interests of mine. Besides working, I am also going to school part-time​ and am looking at launching a business within the next year. That will be another exciting journey on its own.

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